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 What is Paparazzi Accessories?

Misty Kirby acted on a lifelong desire to buy, design, and sell jewelry and fashion accessories. What started as a way to earn extra money for a family trip to the happiest place on earth became Paparazzi.
With the company starting just before one of the most devastating crashes on Wall Street and the worst recession in the US since the great depression, Paparazzi proved resilient and not only survived but grew rapidly. In September of 2009 Misty joined forces with her sister, Chani, exhibiting throughout the Western part of United States at women’s expos, large outdoor fairs, rodeos, boutiques, themed expos, and even house parties. Regardless of the venue or locale, the response was always the same ….women LOVE Paparazzi because it gives them the opportunity to purchase trendy accessories at an affordable price.
When the affects of the economy began creeping in all around and affecting their friends and family Paparazzi became a way to help them earn money to “pay the bills”. Paparazzi has never pushed or encouraged people to become consultants. The exciting product and the opportunity it provides are all that has been needed to spark a burning desire in people to become involved and share with their friends and family.
As the success of our first consultants continued to increase and their enthusiasm for the product grew, a push to expand the business was inevitable. Within six months, Paparazzi had grown by over 900 percent. This growth continues today, as people decide the American dream is for them, and not just the lucky few.
We love what we do at here. We love our products and more importantly, we love how it makes people feel. By entering the direct selling market we hope to allow everyone from all over to share in our fun. “Accessorize-Invite-Become” (The Paparazzi Slogan) but whatever you do, have fun doing it. Experience Paparazzi!
Paparazzi is a direct sales company which distributes beautiful, trendy jewelry and accessories that retails for only $5!!!!!  Paparazzi is SO DIFFERENT from any other direct sales business - whether it be jewelry or anything else.  I call this the Paparazzi Difference!

How can Paparazzi be so different from other direct sales companies?
1.  The product is ONLY $5!!!!   It is NOT overpriced.  You cannot buy costume jewelry as nice as this anywhere for a lower price!
2.  The commission is 45%.   For every piece of jewelry you sell, you make $2.25.  On average, you will make about $25-50/hr.  You will also make additional commission on those who join your team.
3.  It appeals to females of all ages.  There are products for little ones, tweens, teens, young adults, adults and senior citizens.   There are many different styles for many different tastes!
4.Paparazzi is NEW!!!! Though Paparazzi has been around for a few years, it has only been a direct sales company for one year. There are just over 5000 consultants nationwide. Compare that to Mary Kay, Scentsy, Avon, Thirty-one and more! There is so much room for growth because the market is NOT saturated with this product or consultants! Get in NOW and build a team!!!
5.  People of ALL socio-economic statuses can afford this and they love it!!! Customers don't have to look at the product in a catalog, make an order, pay for shipping and wait for it to come.   They take it home with them immediately after they fall in love with it.  There is NO DELIVERING product for hours.
6.  The product sells itself.  Show it to women, say the price and watch it disappear. Simple!
7.  Impulse buying at its best!!!
8.  The company keeps up with the trends.   The designers see what is "hot" in Paris, design it, produce it and I get to sell it....for only $5.   Women can afford to be trendy for $5.  New jewelry is rotating in often.
9.   Repeat customers are created.   Just like shoes, bags or clothes, many women can never get enough jewelry.   Since styles are always changing, women keep coming back for more!  They get addicted to Paparazzi!
10  Women are excited to come to Paparazzi parties AND invite their friends!
11. MANY people want to host home parties. It is a great way for the hostess to earn free jewelry.
12. Displays can be set up in schools, corporate offices, business lunchrooms, etc. women from every walk of life LOVE this jewelry.  They can look professional, chic, elegant for a small price.
13.  Men love to buy Paparazzi for women!  They know how happy their women will be to receive Paparazzi jewelry.
14.  MANY women want to become consultants!
15.  Paparazzi makes the perfect addition to anyone who is already doing direct sales.   If you already sell candles, bags/purses, designer jeans, kitchen wares, make-up or anything else, Paparazzi is easy to add to parties.  You will increase the money you make at each event and GET MORE BOOKINGS.
16.  Paparazzi sells well at fairs, boutiques, festivals and other events.  Remember, they can grab it and go!  No deliveries after the event and it's only $5.
17.  Retail stores can carry Paparazzi Accessories.   Salons, boutiques, clothing stores, gift shops, book stores, ANYWHERE can sell Paparazzi and you will earn commission from their sales!
18.  This is enjoyable, easy work, but it is work and does require time and energy. The more you put into it, the more you will earn, it's that simple!
19. Anyone who can communicate can sell Paparazzi, if your talking to people, you are selling jewelry and this opportunity!
20. At only $5, Paparazzi makes great gifts.  There are so many holidays and special occasions when people want to book or attend parties or come to my house to pick up some gifts.
21.  You can afford to look stylish and beautiful with these accessories.  As a consultant, the price of wearing accessories is even lower!
22.  OUT-OF-THIS World Tax Deductions!
23.  Make your own schedule.  Work as much or as little as you want!
24.  Make an UNLIMITED INCOME.  You decide how much you want to make!  SERIOUSLY! 25.  There is no monthly or quarterly minimum purchase.  You only have to buy 100 pieces in an entire year to remain a consultant.  

There are several ways to get started with Paparazzi.   The least expensive way is to sign up for only $40.  Then you can buy all products at wholesale prices (I recommend starting with at least 100 pieces, then you can do two home parties or several basket parties. Or, you can purchase a starter kit. With thousands of accessories to choose from, it might be overwhelming to choose the exact pieces you want to sell, or to know which pieces will sell. I personally recommend a starter kit because it comes with some great business aids and you save money.  You will receive a great variety of accessories and jewelry to sell. In your starter kit, you will also get a book published by Paparazzi that explains how to make this business a success.  On average, you make back the cost of the lowest kit in your first party with half of the jewelry still in your inventory:) Take a look at the starter kits now!


When you start to build a team, Paparazzi offers a very generous compensation plan! To see the compensation chart, or to read the policies and procedures, you can go to the Paparazzi Accessories Opportunities page to read more.It is amazing the money you can make selling $5 jewelry and accessories!


Of course you do! When you go to join HERE, make sure you enter #5022 as your sponsor so you can be on my team. If you have more questions, I would LOVE to answer them.  Please send an email to me at or call me at 516-647-6543. I'll get back with you very soon!
Thank you,

I have joined a team with an amazing upline. Please email me for display ideas and ways to grow your business. I will provide you with documents for approaching retail businesses, documents for improving home parties, fairs and more!   For additional information on displays, how to run parties, and important documents to have, go to Don't reinvent the wheel, use the resources that are readily available to us! Use what I use! Contact me today... with Paparazzi you are in business for yourself but not by yourself!

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